KARA’s fighting stance - Now & Then


*cry* i miss them so much….ㅠㅠ


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My opinion/statement on KARA


Hello to all fellows and foes,

For the last couple hours, kamilias (or they insist themselves so) has been on a rampage about the official statement that Nicole is now OFFICIALLY leaving. I’m writing to state my own opinion about what I think, I repeat, what I think.

Let me start off by saying…

Exactly! I read some comments even blaming Nicole for not staying at DSP with other members!! True kamilia would never say these!:( No matter what, Kara is still here without disband, please support all the five girls and respect their own choice, they need our support right now!

2013 Happy New Year!!

2013 Happy New Year!!

sexy queen - jung nicole!<3

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little cutie jing!<3

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Girls Forever

i hope their next album is in this style…

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when Kang Jiyoung fed Goo Hara

my favourite scene in the making film…crazy maknae!! lol

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♪ Best nikcuF Five ♪

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my goddess!!!! *scream*

my goddess!!!! *scream*

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KARA on the train..

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